The Ultimate 13 Content Marketing Types

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and distributing content toward achieving your business goals.

Content marketing doesn’t just include blog articles, there are 13 content marketing types in total.

You don’t have to use all content marketing types, just the ones that work best for your situation.

Let’s find out together exactly which ones these are!

13 Content Marketing Types

1. Blog

Blog articles can attract your potential customers and create value for them. You can solve their problems through your content, as well as those of your existing customers. This will not only potentially build reach, but also increase trust in your business and increase your sales.

When you create blog articles, you need to identify what your target audience is looking for and create an article that meets their expectations.

So don’t publish articles that focus on you and your business, but on your customer.

This way you create more value both for your customers and for your company.

2. Checklists

Checklists create great value for potential customers. You can use checklists to simplify a complicated process for your potential customers. As a result, you drastically reduce the time it takes for your target audience to benefit from your content.

3. Ebooks

Ebooks are used as a so-called lead magnet to generate more leads and attract customers.They are usually between 1000 to 2000 words long and solve a specific problem that the potential customer is facing.

One of the most common mistakes with ebooks is that they are too lengthy and no one ends up reading them. You don’t want to overwhelm people with an ebook, you want to provide a compact step-by-step guide that solves a specific problem.

4. Case studies

Case studies are ideal for potential clients who are uncertain about working with you. They build trust through you solving problems for another company. You can integrate case studies into all marketing strategies to maximize your results.

5. Influencer Marketing

Instead of spending years building an audience, you can partner with influencers who have already built one. Influencer marketing is one of the fastest content marketing types to increase your brand awareness, build trust with potential customers, and attract more customers.

6. Infographics

Infographics are very effective because they simplify complex topics. Data and statistics are usually easier to understand through infographics. Studies and statistics often highlight the most important points.

7. Courses

Courses can create great value for your potential customers by solving their problems through this informative and entertaining format.

8. Memes

Memes are images, text, or videos that use cultural events or ideas to make someone laugh. They are very popular among marketers because they are easily shareable with people. As a byproduct, they build your reach, generate leads and increase sales.

It’s just important that memes fit your brand and reach the right audience.

9. Newsletter

Regular email communication through newsletters is one of the most effective forms of content marketing today. It helps you build a relationship with your potential and existing customers by sharing relevant and valuable information. These newsletter subscribers can be encouraged to make purchases through the right emails and CTAs (call-to-actions).

Plus, through a newsletter, your business is also more likely to be on the minds of your target audience. That’s very valuable these days, as attention has become the new currency.

10. Podcasts

Podcast episodes can build strong bonds with listeners because they are one of the most intimate content marketing types.

Publish podcasts that share relevant and valuable ideas that will benefit your audience.

11. Testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and customer reviews prove to your target audience that you can help them since you’ve already been able to help other people with similar problems.

12. Free tools

Free tools include calculators, digital assets, templates and more. They can dramatically increase your website traffic, build trust with your potential customers and strengthen the loyalty of your existing customers. They are a way to build greater value to your audience, attract more customers, and ultimately increase your revenue…

13. Videos

Video content is becoming more and more popular because it is one of the most entertaining content types.

Video engagement can be very high due to exciting stories, interesting information and appealing effects.

Video content is also ideal for illustrating and presenting more complicated concepts or processes.


Which content marketing type should you use? It depends on your goals.

We recommend that you choose the type that suits you the most. It’s better to choose one content marketing type and use it constantly, rather than launching several and publishing your content irregularly.

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